Integration of an ergonomic microscope into LaserStar Technologies’ range of laser welders

Vision Engineering’s manufacturing services give many customers the opportunity to develop and exploit the potential of their ideas through areas such as concepts, prototyping, manufacturing, certification and distributor recruitment.

LaserStar Technologies Corporation (originally Crafford Laserstar) designs, manufactures and sells a leading range of Nd:YAG pulse laser systems for micro-welding and marking applications.

Integration of an ergonomic microscope into LaserStar Technologies range of laser welders

LaserStar Techologies approached Vision Engineering to provide them a solution to enhance the operator interface and user ergonomics in their range of advanced laser welding system.

Vision Engineering incorporated its own patented Dynascope® technology in the optical viewing system of the OEM product, enabling LaserStar Technologies to provide significant advantages over their competitors.

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Vision Engineering Manufacturing Services has helped many customers develop and exploit the potential of their ideas.

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