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EVO Cam II now does even more!

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Vision Engineering is giving more to new and existing customers with the launch of their new firmware for EVO Cam II.

Backwards compatible with all existing EVO Cam II units, the new firmware extends the capability of the systems with a host of new features.

Features such as ‘Calibration tracking with zoom’ which automatically adjusts measurement calibrations with changes of zoom position; and ‘Image comparison’ that allows quick and easy comparison between a live and reference image are now available to all existing EVO Cam II users without extra charge.

Other features, include ‘Supervisor settings lock’, ‘Customisable zoom range’ and ‘Image playback’ as well as many more. EVO Cam II new firmware also allows access to unlock the premium (paid option) focus stacking feature*.

New customers also benefit from the firmware up date as the new features are added to EVO Cam II with no increase in RRP over the previous version.

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Launch of LVC400 fully automated 3-axis system

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First fully automated 3-axis video measurement system from Vision Engineering

Today at Control, Stuttgart, sees the launch of LVC400, the first fully automated 3-axis video measurement system from Vision Engineering.

Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily and accurately, LVC400 offers faster measurement, high accuracy levels, and benefits from Vision Engineering’s consistent focus on ease of use for all its products.

Offering a larger (400 x 300mm) stage than comparably priced products, LVC400 offers large measuring capacity and fully automated movement in all 3 axes, making component measurement faster. Non-stop measurement routines are possible through programmes which can have magnification changes built in.

Additionally, multiple components can be loaded onto the stage and measured easily and automatically in a single programme. The system is pre-programmable or can be driven using the supplied joystick for rapid, one off measurements.

Highly accurate

LVC400 features a high resolution 5MP USB3 camera, granite base for extra stability and a precision X-Y stage; making it the most accurate large format measuring system from Vision Engineering to date. LVC400 also supports the use of a touch probe in all 3 axes, for measuring complex features and other 3D forms.

Easy to use

LVC400 is supplied with the highly intuitive M3 software package; offering comprehensive measurement functions, whilst maintaining the ease of use that Vision Engineering is well known for. M3 software includes full reporting and data export, DXF overlays and fitting, and thread measurement.

Vision Engineering anticipates that LVC400 will be used when customers require the measurement of large components, in applications such as precision machining, casting, plastic mouldings, electronics, and PCB inspection.

Additionally LVC400 is ideal when customer requires measurement automation, including palletising of smaller components, faster automated measurement of large components and automated measurement of components that require change of magnification.

Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering’s Sales and Marketing Director said:

Launching LVC400, our first fully automated 3-axis video measurement system, marks the latest in the extension of our range of Metrology products. We anticipate that a wide base of customers will find the LVC400’s large stage, accuracy, ease of use, combined with a competitive price point a very attractive proposition.”


  • LVC400 is for applications that require higher accuracy and/or contact measurement
  • Supplied with M3 software for ease of use and intuitive operation
  • Ideal for customers who want to measure large components or multiple small components quickly and easily
  • Competitively priced
  • LVC400 designed for measurement application in:
    • Precision machining, casting
    • Plastic mouldings
    • Electronics, PCB inspection
  • Customer requires automated workflow:
    • Automatic measurement of palletised component arrays
    • Faster, automated measurement of large components
    • Automated measurement of components at multiple magnifications

Contact your local Vision Engineering office to arrange a demonstration.

DRV-Z1 digital stereo 3D viewer with zoom

DRV-Z1 ‘Game Changing’ 3D digital display technology launched at Control

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Today we are excited to unveil a revolutionary digital 3D stereoscopic display technology at Control, Stuttgart. Unlike traditional mono digital microscopes, Vision Engineering’s Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) creates stereo high definition 3D images, without using a monitor or requiring operators to wear headsets or specialist glasses: images ‘float’ in front of a mirror.

Using Vision Engineering’s patented TriTeQ3 digital 3D display technology, the DRV-Z1 (Zoom model 1) incorporates a microscope and is the first device of its class to be launched by the manufacturer.

Developed to address quality control and assurance requirements in sectors including electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical industries, DRV-Z1 is designed to advance the quality control and production process, by enabling operators to view magnified subjects in 3D, in unprecedented detail, without the need for additional viewing apparatus.

The award-winning manufacturer also sees huge capability for improving the quality control process in a broad range of industries. For example, in Life Science applications, it enables biological samples to be examined in stereoscopic HD 3D, without risking heat damage to tissues.

Commenting on the technological breakthrough, Paul Newbatt, Vision Engineering’s Sales and Marketing Director said:

TriTeQ3 blends Vision Engineering’s long-established, industry-proven and award-winning optical stereoscopic technologies and digital monoscopic technologies. DRV-Z1 delivers a technological breakthrough, and is a game changer for inspection and quality control processes.”

Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering said:

Over the past 60 years Vision Engineering has built its reputation on the innovation, quality, performance and ergonomics of our visual inspection and metrology systems. DRV-Z1 provides enhanced 3D visualisation and overcomes current problems with 3D modelling and inspection systems. By amalgamating our existing technologies, we’ve delivered an entirely new concept to our existing customer base, as well as opening up opportunities in fresh markets.”


  • Unique deep reality viewer enables stereoscopic 3D viewing with vivid depth perception, at UHD resolution, without requiring special eye wear or VR headsets
  • Developed to address QC and QA requirements in electronics, automotive engineering, aerospace industries and all precision engineering applications
  • Break-through technology from the inventors of the award-winning ergonomic Mantis microscopes: the original and best
  • First of its class
  • An amalgamation of Vision Engineering’s award-winning optical stereoscopic and digital monoscopic technologies
  • Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue and promotes productivity and accuracy
  • Enables remote viewing of dynamic 3D images in in stereo full HD
  • Enables improved accuracy in manufacturing processes such as deburring and reworking
  • DRV-Z1 is the first in a series of innovative 3D stereo full HD resolution viewing systems, based on Vision Engineering’s patented TriTeQ3 technology

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Vision Optics - custom optical components

New Vision Optics website launched

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Vision Optics is a new division of Vision Engineering Ltd that specialises in supplying high quality optical components: lenses, mirrors, prisms and filters, as well as optical design services, custom optics and assemblies.

Over recent years more and more customers have benefited from our optics expertise and the competitively priced optical solutions we offer.Vision Optics - custom optical components

The dedicated Vision Optics website www.voptics.com provides further information on these products and services.

As pioneers in designing and manufacturing eyepiece-less microscopes and inspection systems, we know the importance of high quality optics to the success of a product and we understand that not every organisation has optical design capabilities or in-house optical expertise.

In addition to off-the-shelf optical components, we provide a full service solution for your optical requirements. Our experienced engineers will work with you throughout the design and development life cycle, from early concept right through to final design, testing and production.

ghp biotechnology awards 2019 logo

Vision Engineering named Best Stereo Microscope & Measuring Systems Manufacturer

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Ergonomic designs honoured in Global Health and Pharma Magazine’s Biotechnology Awards

Vision Engineering has been named Best Stereo Microscopes & Measuring Systems Manufacturer 2019 by Global Health and Pharma Magazine (GHP).

The awards are based on nominees’ contributions to their sector and winners are selected by a panel of five judges led by an academic.

Vision Engineering was selected based on its continued commitment to innovation and excellence, in particular for its development of the Mantis ergonomic stereo microscope and the TVM non-contact measurement system. The Mantis stereo microscope maximises the comfort of operators by replacing traditional eyepieces with a patented viewing system which allows users to move their heads freely, maintain a natural posture, wear prescription spectacles, and retain peripheral vision of their working area.

First launched 25 years ago, the Mantis stereo microscope has been continually developed and enhanced by Vision Engineering’s in-house research and development team, following the company’s design philosophy which is to make world-class inspection and measurement systems that are easy and comfortable to use.

Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscopesThe Mantis has continued to evolve in appearance, capability and applicability, maintaining its status as market leader in the medical device manufacture, dental equipment and life sciences markets. The range now includes Mantis Compact, Mantis Elite, Mantis Elite-Cam and Mantis Elite-Cam HD.

The TVM Field of View (FOV) video measurement systems save time and space in the laboratory, and are exceptionally easy to use, to eliminate user errors. TVM’s flat field telecentric lens and collimated sub-stage lighting facilitate instant, non-contact measurement of components of any shape or form, such as injection moulded plastic components, tubes and stents. TVM can be configured to suit specific biotechnological applications and components can be instantly measured within the field of view, without needing to adjust focus or change the position of the subject under inspection.

TVM FOV measuring system with logoGHP is an information sharing platform, used by an international community of members from industry, academia, professional bodies and the public sector, working across healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. GHP Magazine’s Biotechnology Awards recognise innovative companies, clinicians, chemists, researchers, manufacturers and engineers who are leading the field in biotechnology, bio agriculture, bio services and biopharmaceutical industries.

Award co-ordinator, Steve Simpson, GHP Magazine, comments, “Our awards recognise all aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, without whom, many of the life-changing innovations and developments would simply not be possible.”

Commenting on the award, Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering said:

Our medical and pharmaceutical clients require the utmost assurance of quality. We are delighted to receive this recognition of Vision Engineering’s longstanding and ongoing commitment to making the highest quality precision inspection and measurement systems which are also intuitive and ergonomic.”

Mantis stereo microscope now with extended warranty

Mantis manufacturer’s warranty now extended to 24 months

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We are pleased to announce that the manufacturer’s warranty on all new Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscopes has been extended from 12 months to 24 months.

All systems bought from 1 December 2018 are covered by the new 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.  The new warranty applies globally.

The Mantis range includes Mantis Compact, Mantis Elite and Mantis Elite-Cam.

Mantis stereo microscope now with extended warrantyThe original eyepiece-less stereo microscope, Mantis revolutionised quality inspection when it launched in 1994.  It was an ergonomic revolution that went on to win numerous design and innovation awards. In the intervening quarter of a century, Mantis has undergone numerous innovations, in appearance, capability and applicability, maintaining its status as market leader.

Mantis serves the needs of customers globally and has applications in electronics, medical device manufacture, plastics, dental equipment, automotive, aeronautics and life sciences markets.

Commenting on the warranty extension, Mark Curtis, Managing Director of Vision Engineering said:

We are delighted to announce the extension of our manufacturer’s warranty on Mantis systems. It is a significant declaration of our confidence in the quality of our product and our commitment to remaining at the forefront of inspection technology quality.”

Vision Engineering Ltd is a global leading-edge manufacturer of patented ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital microscopes and non-contact measuring systems.

Vision Engineering Apprentices

Vision Engineering’s apprentices make the grade

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At Vision Engineering Ltd, we pride ourselves on training staff and developing their skills. We are therefore delighted to announce that Mark Thornton has recently completed his three year EAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering – CNC Machining.

Mark Thornton Vision Engineering apprentice

For Mark, this involved two years of day release to Kingston College where he gained an Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (covering subjects such as Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace, Mathematics for Engineering Technicians, Mechanical Principles and Applications, Mechanical Measurement and Inspection Techniques, Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques, Fabrication Processes and Technology and Setting and Proving Secondary Processing and Machines) and the completion of Level 3 NVQ CNC Machining modules through in-house training. The third year of Mark’s training has seen him become a competent CNC Machinist Operator who has now secured a permanent contract with us here at our UK headquarters, where he will continue to develop his skills and experience within a very busy Machine Shop.

Mark is the third Vision Engineering apprentice to complete a CNC Machining apprenticeship with us – previously Adam White and Adam Hitchcock finished their apprenticeships in 2016. Both are still working at Vision Engineering – Adam White is now trained to operate manual machines, CNC lathes, our Mazak Machining Centre and is now developing his programming skills on this, having successfully completed a programming course at Yamazaki Mazak UK in Worcester earlier this year.

Adam Hitchcock, after four years Machine shop experience, chose to follow a career path that has taken him into technical sales and is now working on business development with the UK Sales team.

Offering apprenticeships in Vision Engineering’s Machine Shop is part of the ongoing strategy to train and develop skilled staff to fill key areas within the company with the next generation of high class engineers, and we have recently been joined by Jacob Thomas, the newest machinist trainee.

Vision Engineering Apprentices

Left to right: Jacob Thomas, Adam White, Mark Thornton and Adam Hitchcock

Commenting on the achievement of the apprentices, Mark Curtis, Managing Director of Vision Engineering Ltd said:

Building on Vision Engineering’s sixty years of optical inspection and metrology expertise, the apprenticeship programme is a key component in developing the next generation of high quality engineers to take the company forwards.”

Vision Engineering Ltd is a global leading-edge manufacturer of patented ergonomic stereo microscopes, digital microscopes and non-contact measuring systems.

Vision Engineering Ltd 60 year anniversary logo

Vision Engineering Celebrates 60 years with Clear Focus on the Future

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Vision Engineering reaches a milestone this month, celebrating 60 years of manufacturing inspection and non-contact measurement systems. The privately held company was founded in the UK in 1958 by Rob Freeman, a tool-maker with the Jaguar racing team. While at Jaguar, Rob developed a borescope for inspecting internal race engine parts without the need for disassembly. Rob’s engineering background and drive to design solutions, set the foundation for Vision Engineering’s success.

Renown for inventing Mantis, the world’s first eyepiece-less stereo microscope, Vision Engineering holds several world patents for the optical technology used in their inspection and metrology systems. Mantis was launched nearly 25 years ago as a solution to address the issues microscope operators face. The Mantis design allows users to retain a natural viewing posture when using a microscope so they are more comfortable and able to work for longer periods of time without neck strain or eye fatigue. Mantis is used across the world in electronics, medical device, packaging, automotive and aerospace industries and for any application requiring inspection and rework.

The importance of ergonomics in microscopy was pioneered by Vision Engineering and Mantis. Mantis has evolved significantly since its original design and Vision Engineering is currently manufacturing the 4th generation Mantis. In 1994 Mantis manufacturing moved to Connecticut, USA, where it is still manufactured today.

The company attributes their success to innovation and developing new technology to improve quality in manufacturing, by inspection and measurement. Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering explains,

Significant R&D investment in optical and digital technology continues with recent patented technological breakthroughs heralding the next step in innovation and market penetration for Vision Engineering”

Vision Engineering has come a long way since 1958, from its humble beginnings in a workshop with a dozen employees. In June 2017 an 84,000ft2 Global Headquarters opened in Send, Woking, United Kingdom. Vision Engineering now employs more than 220 people worldwide.

TVM field of view measurement system

New TVM instant FOV measurement system launched at Control, Stuttgart

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A new fast and flexible field of view measurement for quality assurance

Vision Engineering will showcase its new TVM Field of View (FOV) video measurement systems at Control, Stuttgart Exhibition Centre [Hall 7 Booth 7400]. The system combines time-saving instant field of view measurements with versatile measurement tools that cater to the needs of operators on the shop floor.

The system’s small footprint saves space in the workshop or laboratory, while TVM’s exceptional ease of use eliminates operator errors and significantly reduces time, providing a valuable asset for a wide range of quality assurance applications, such as instant go/no go assessments.

TVM20 and TVM35 video measurement systems

As with other measurement and inspection systems from Vision Engineering, the TVM systems can be configured to suit specific applications. The fixed stage FOV system enables instant, accurate measurements of small components, while the addition of a manually-controlled stage extends measurement for larger components up to 200mm x 100mm.

The combination of a flat field telecentric lens and collimated sub-stage lighting facilitates TVM’s measurement of components of any shape or form, including turned parts, pressed metal components, injection moulded plastics, tubes and cables.

TVM series comprises of two systems, TVM20 and TVM35, with field of view (FOV) sizes of 20mm and 35mm respectively. Both systems are designed to meet rigorous quality assurance applications in electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical and plastics manufacturing: offering rapid, accurate non-contact measurement. Components can be instantly measured within the field of view, with no need to adjust the focus or change the position of the subject under inspection.

TVM’s comprehensive, user-friendly software supports a broad range of applications delivering the precision and clarity that would be expected from expensive high end video measurement systems. The rich suite of features includes simple data import/export, image stitching and reporting facilities.

Built on Vision Engineering’s sixty years of optical inspection and metrology expertise, the TVM 20 and TVM 35 are precision-manufactured in the UK at Vision Engineering’s new global headquarters.

Commenting on the launch of the TVM series, Mark Curtis, Managing Director of Vision Engineering said:

We’ve listened to our customers and combined the best parts of our existing metrology range into a compact system that really offers fast and flexible measurement to meet the needs of QC/QA requirements. This marks a new era of high accuracy field of view measuring.”

EVO Cam II digital microscope in the workshop

EVO Cam II, next generation of high definition digital microscope

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The next generation of the extremely popular EVO Cam digital microscope has been launched. Excellent image quality, intuitive operation and a host of new features are available at your fingertips with Vision Engineering’s new EVO Cam II.

Ideally suited for close inspection and recording of high resolution images the next-generation EVO Cam II benefits from the addition of user customisable overlays, on-board measurement and Wi-Fi image transfer. All supported by a 30:1 optical zoom and a maximum magnification of up to 3,600x.

EVO Cam II replaces the original EVO Cam which is already used for inspection of electronics, medical devices, precision engineering, life sciences and much more.

EVO Cam II digital microscope inspecting metal tools

High definition images can be captured and stored directly to a USB memory stick. When connected to a PC, images and video can be easily captured, stored and shared. A Wi-Fi dongle even allows direct sharing with PCs, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

Simple on-screen measurement can be performed with the aid of virtual callipers and scalable grids. Live images can also be compared to user customisable overlays, increasing efficiency of use.

A completely new graphical user interface and intuitive controls with 10 presets, allow for rapid swapping out of subjects under inspection, making EVO Cam II ideal for multiple users in high speed production environments. A remote control option is available to maximise the ergonomic operation of the microscope when used over prolonged periods.

EVO Cam II features a powerful LED ring light and sub-stage lighting for viewing translucent samples. A UV ring light accessory is also available for electronic and other specific applications. High contrast subjects, such as reflective metals used in electronics and automotive manufacturing can be viewed in more detail using EVO Cam II’s Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode.

For additional clarity, EVO Cam II is launched along with a new range of objective lenses to deliver pin sharp images, high in detail and contrast. Vision Engineering’s unique 360° rotating viewer is ideal for hard to handle subjects, delivering direct and 34° angled views, which can be rotated 360° around the point of interest, allowing inspection of the sides and base of samples.

Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering said:

We are excited to complement our Mantis and Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscope range with the EVO Cam II. This new digital microscope offers exceptional image quality for inspection, research and manipulation, and can be utilised for thousands of inspection tasks.”