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GE Druck Invest in a Non-contact Measuring System to Measure Joints on their Sensing Instrumentation

GE Druck (a division of GE Sensing) is utilising Vision Engineering’s range of optical measurement and inspection systems to maximise the quality standards in their sensing equipment ... 자세히

Keeping Track of Quality

From its humble beginnings as a music carrier the Compact Disc (CD) or Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) is now entering its 3rd generation for the high definition market (HD DVD or Blu-ray). The one thing that needs to stay consistent is the high quality production of these polycarbonate replicas ... 자세히

Rapid Measurement of Plastic Automotive Components

Vision Engineering has developed Hawk®, a unique non-contact measurement system that is the first to offer both a true optical image display combined with fully automatic video edge detection. Both of these technologies have been available individually but never before as a combined package ... 자세히

Watching Like a Hawk

It goes without saying that Aerospace components must be manufactured to the strictest tolerances and quality regimes. When a company holds over 10,000 different component types, it needs a flexible measuring and inspection solution to ensure product quality ... 자세히

Swiss Machined components

Rowan Precision are using Vision Engineering’s Kestrel manual 2-axis and Hawk 3-axis fully automatic measuring systems to measure a wide variety of Swiss Machined components ... 자세히

Driving Up the Quality of Automotive Components

Manufacturer of automotive, injection moulded components Thermoplastic Systems Engineering Limited (TSE) can prove their insert moulded components are being produced within exacting tolerance specifications. Feature rich components are hard to measure with a gauging CMM but using a Kestrel, optical 2-axis non contact measuring system, TSE can prove their manufacturing processes produce accurate mouldings ... 자세히

Kestrel Ensures Blood Processing Medical Devices are in Specification

Gambro BCT are using a Kestrel non-contact measuring system to measure and inspect a wide range of medical device components as well as mould tools used in their manufacture ... 자세히

Technical Article:
Temperature Influences on Measurement Accuracy

Writing for Manufacturing Engineering magazine, a publication of The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Colin Robinson, Eastern Regional Metrology Manager for Vision Engineering Inc., discusses the effects of temperature influences on measurement accuracy ... 자세히

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