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Praxair’s solution to inspecting internal features

Praxair Inc, a supplier of specialty gasses and high- performance coatings, has invested in a couple of Mantis Elite stereo viewers with a CenterPoint accessory which is an episcopic illuminator to maximise the accuracy and productivity of the inspection of coated turbine blades ... 자세히

Brother Industries (UK) Limited is keeping up with the latest environmental technologies

Brother Industries (UK) Limited emphasises its environmental commitment, by implementing a strict strategy for recycling toner cartridges within its manufacturing operation. Maintaining quality of cartridges returned via the pan-European “ReNew” collection scheme is fundamental to the successful implementation of recycling initiatives, supported by highly trained staff using Vision Engineering’s Mantis Macro stereo viewer ... 자세히

Sterimedix; Keeping its Eye on the Ball

Sterimedix is a medical device manufacturer in Worcestershire, supplying a range of more than 250 instruments for ophthalmic surgery to over 60 countries worldwide. Constant investment in tooling has optimised accuracy and productivity in their wide range of precision surgical instruments ... 자세히

The Importance of Accurate Inspection & Measurement on Panasonic’s PCBs

Panasonic Communications Company Ltd is taking a leading role developing a range of PBX telecommunication systems for the rapidly expanding global market. To continue producing high quality products that meet with so many regulations including both quality and environmental conditions, Panasonic utilise Vision Engineering’s Lynx stereo zoom microscope for optical inspection and measurement PCBs ... 자세히

A Solution to the Quality Control Process for Electron Beam Welding

Ravenscourt Engineering Limited are using Vision ArchiVE, the new image archiving & analysis software from Vision Engineering Limited, to measure, analyse and catalogue joins that have been welded using the electron beam welding process. Imagery of the joins is captured using a stereo microscope and digital camera before analysing and documenting the imagery using Vision ArchiVE ... 자세히

As Clear as Glass through the Lens of the Mantis Stereo Viewer

Moores Glassworks are using a Mantis and a Lynx optical inspection system to inspect a wide range of specialised glassware and injection moulded plastic items forming intrinsic components for a variety of applications ... 자세히

Up Close and Personal with Hair Transplant Surgery

Since Vision Engineering launched its Mantis stereo viewing system, over 100,000 units have been installed for industrial, medical, research, educational and other applications. Among the more fascinating of these is hair transplant surgery - an expanding biomedical sector where Mantis has become the favoured tool of many practitioners ... 자세히

Alpha and Beta get Closer to the Whitefly Pest

A range of ergonomically superior microscopes from Vision Engineering are now being used by entomologists within the European Whitefly Studies Network to assist their studies into insect pests ... 자세히

Closing the Gap on Stem Cell Research

The Institute of Stem Cells in the Treatment and Study of Monogenic Diseases (ISCMD), a Genopole® International Research Laboratory, in Evry near Paris, is utilising Vision Engineering’s Lynx stereo zoom microscope in their sealed extraction cabinets ... 자세히

Renishaw Relies on Mantis Macro Stereo Viewers

Renishaw plc employs the use of Vision Engineering’s Mantis® Macro & Mantis® Elite stereo viewers to inspect dental frameworks for finished quality, precision and fit ... 자세히

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