Case Studies

Vision Engineering Limited has a wide and varied global customer base, from industrial manufacturers to sub-contractors, clinical laboratories, research, and education institutions as well as to small independent niche services. Our technical team have a wealth of experience in many sectors and have helped many of our customers’ in identifying and solving their inspection or measurement tasks.

Read our case studies to learn more about microscope and digital inspection applications, and how our customers have gained from benefits such as improved productivity, enhanced fault detection, operational simplicity and unrivalled imaging.

Spindle containing air bearing for inspection

Bearing up… the importance of optical inspection of air bearings

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Air Bearings Ltd (ABL), one of the world’s leading suppliers of air bearing solutions, utilises Vision Engineering’s Lynx eyepieceless stereo zoom microscope for the critical inspection of machined component parts.…
Measurement of rubber with Falcon measuring system

Advanced Falcon System gives Butser Rubber a ‘Vision’ of Quality

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Given their deformable nature, precise rubber components raise a variety of gauging challenges. As conventional physical measuring techniques are liable to distort rubber components’ geometry and have an adverse effect…
Lynx microscope in laminar flow cabinet

Closing the Gap on Stem Cell Research

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The Institute of Stem Cells in the Treatment and Study of Monogenic Diseases (ISCMD), a Genopole® International Research Laboratory, in Evry near Paris, is utilising Vision Engineering’s Lynx stereo zoom…
Dental technicians laboratory London

Dental Technicians Raise the Quality of Dental Restoration and Operator Comfort

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Anthony Laurie of DentAL Excellence Ltd operates a technical dental laboratory in the heart of London and bases his business around the delivery of exceptional dental restorations to his demanding…
Hawk measuring system used to minimise waste of electron beam welding

Accurate 3-Dimensional Measurement of Electron Beam Welding Minimises Waste

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GE Druck (a division of GE Sensing) is utilising Vision Engineering’s range of optical measurement and inspection systems to maximise the quality standards in their aerospace sensing equipment. GE Druck,…

Rapid Measurement of Plastic Automotive Components

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Vision Engineering has developed Hawk®, a unique non-contact measurement system that is the first to offer both a true optical image display combined with fully automatic video edge detection. Both…
Pressure sensor quality inspection

GE Druck Invest in a Non-contact Measuring System to Measure Joints on their Sensing Instrumentation

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GE Druck (a division of GE Sensing) is utilising Vision Engineering’s range of optical measurement and inspection systems to maximise the quality standards in their sensing equipment. GE Druck is…
Inspection of high quality connectors for telecommunications, aerospace and defence

Inspecting Connectors is a Cinch…

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Cinch Connectors Ltd has invested in four Lynx Stereo Zoom Microscopes to inspect their wide range of connectors, from their Goods-In department through to their Quality Department, the microscopes are…
Lynx stereo microscope used for paper inspection

Comfort Enhances Paper Examination

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By switching to the revolutionary Lynx microscope, one of the world's largest paper producers has eliminated the fatigue and strain of using traditional microscopes for sample inspection, dramatically enhancing productivity.…
Renishaw dental zirconia bridge framework

Renishaw gets the perfect dental fit

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Renishaw plc employs the use of Vision Engineering’s Mantis® stereo viewer to inspect dental frameworks for finished quality, precision and fit. Renishaw has been manufacturing innovative measuring solutions for over…
Watching Like a Hawk: Measurement and Inspection of Aerospace Components.

Watching Like a Hawk

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It goes without saying that Aerospace components must be manufactured to the strictest tolerances and quality regimes. When a company holds over 10,000 different component types, it needs flexible measuring…

Falcon CNC – a “Gem” for Mastertech Diamond Products

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Mastertech specialises in the production of diamond tooling for cutting aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous materials. Based in Mentor, Ohio, the Mastertech Diamond Products Company designs, manufactures and distributes a…
Driving up the quality of automotive components

Driving Up the Quality of Automotive Components

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Manufacturer of automotive, injection moulded components Thermoplastic Systems Engineering Limited (TSE) can prove their insert moulded components are being produced within exacting tolerance specifications. Feature rich components are hard to…
Queen Mary's investigates termites under the microscope

Queen Mary’s investigate termites inside and out

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Queen Mary’s investigate termites inside and out Termites produce as much as 4% of the world’s CO2. A group of micro-organisms, known as protists, living within the intestines of termites…
Moores Glass using Mantis stereo microscope

As Clear as Glass through the Lens of an Ergonomic Stereo Viewer

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Moores Glassworks are using a Mantis and a Lynx optical inspection system to inspect a wide range of specialised glassware and injection moulded plastic items forming intrinsic components for a…

An easy graft for hair transplant surgery

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The Physicians Hair Institute explains the hair transplant surgery process and the decisions made in choosing the right equipment for dissecting donor grafts by hair transplant technicians. For centuries, scientists…
Seed banking

Botanic Seed Bank saved many wild plants from extinction

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Great Britain's Royal Botanic Kew Gardens Millennium Seed Bank saved many wild plants from extinction by conserving their seed in deep freeze. To effectively monitor and perform research into seed…

ATL’s Kestrel Measuring Microscope is a ‘Vision’ of Quality

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ATL, was established in 1951 as a small, family owned printer in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA. Originally starting out on the production of labels for the industrial and direct mail…
Tiger moth eyes captured under the Lynx stereo microscope

Lynx aids counting of Tiger Mosquito eggs

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The Regional Agency of Environmental prevention in Emilia-Romagna, University of Ferrara (Biology department) and the Museum of Natural History in Parma have invested in 5 Lynx stereo zoom microscopes, to…
Surface Control Slip Guardian Airport floor

Surface Control Slip Guardian

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Development of the Slip Guardian opto-mechnical instrument for measuring slip coefficients of floors. Vision Engineering was approached by Surface Control Limited, a company that was spun off from the Trevor Baylis…

Integration of ergonomic stereo microscopes for inspection results in fast growth for Laritech Inc.

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Bill Larrick, explains how the Lynx EVO has aided the inspection process for rigid/flex PCBAs used in medical devices as well as meeting exacting IPC standards. When it comes to…

Integration of an ergonomic microscope into LaserStar Technologies’ range of laser welders

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Vision Engineering’s manufacturing services give many customers the opportunity to develop and exploit the potential of their ideas through areas such as concepts, prototyping, manufacturing, certification and distributor recruitment. LaserStar…

Forevermark diamond viewer

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Forevermark commissioned Vision Engineering's Manufacturing Services to design and manufacture a Diamond Viewer for retailers. Forevermark is part of the De Beers Group of Companies. Forevermark commissioned Vision Engineering’s Manufacturing…
Rega precision turn table record player

Rega amplify their quality control

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Rega Research Limited, manufacturers of high-end audio equipment invest in Vision Engineering’s inspection and measurement solutions to ensure their equipment continues to project its acclaimed acoustic excellence. Rega Research Limited manufactures…

Mantis Elite-Cam stereo microscope aids the success of NEUDose satellite project…

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Mantis Elite-Cam will primarily be used to inspect the PCBs and other small components of the satellite and the TEPC, a device that measures the amount of harmful radiation for…