High value components need an exceptional inspection system


High performance and safety-critical components require fail-proof inspection procedures in order to meet quality control standards. A key part of these procedures is detailed visual inspection, and when it comes to high quality parts, high quality images are a must.

The DRV-Z1 delivers exceptional 3D images with vivid depth perception within a large field of view, providing outstanding visual accuracy.

3D View

The ability to immediately spot any potential issues from any angle with superior 3D imagery means fast inspection routines.

Exceptional depth perception allows for accurate interpretation as it is easy to distinguish between shadows and discolouration or distortion

Easy manipulation of components within the large field of view due to the long working distance makes this an effective re-working system

3D Capture

Capture both left and right images with a single click for fast saving of information

Capture of 3D images allows for extremely accurate reporting

Capture of 3D images provides effective proof of compliance should any issues arise

3D Share

Collaboration with team members across multiple sites means fast decision making

Sharing in 3D allows for accurate assessment of compliance by production partners

Sharing information in real-time is a cost effective way to reduce production time