Microscope camera and software package

Pixel-fox® is the smart microscope digital camera with imaging software package – for image acquisition, measuring and storage. The software can be used with our SX range of microscopes to obtain a perfect image display.

  • Cost-effective, versatile solution for a variety of microscopy imaging applications
  • Onscreen image measuring and annotation
  • Fast USB3.0 interface

The pixel-fox® digital camera and software package has been designed as a cost-effective, versatile solution for a variety of microscopy imaging applications, whether in industry, quality assurance, laboratories, research, training and more.

With a standardised USB 3.0 interface and the C-mount thread on the camera, pixel-fox® can be mounted on Vision Engineering’s SX stereo microscopes*. (* requires an appropriate C-mount adapter).


Pixel-fox® is a user friendly and ergonomic high resolution digital USB colour camera, which combined with image capture and documentation software provides added functionality to a range of microscopes and macroscopes.

The C-mount thread means it can be mounted on all equipment with a standardised adapter and use with generally available C-mount lenses is also possible.

The USB 3.0 interface means a very fast data transfer to the PC is achieved, which then offers a fast live image on the monitor and short transfer times when saving images.

Image resolution can be variably adjusted and has a maximum of 2560 x 1920 pixels (4.91 Mpix).

System Requirements

The current minimum system requirements for using pixel-fox® on your PC are:

  • IBM-compatible PC with multi-core CPU
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics card with own memory at least 128 MB (no shared memory) and DirectX as of June 2010(recommendation: current PCIexpress graphic card from ATI or NVIDIA)
  • Mainboard with full USB 3.0 support and USB 3.0 High Powered Port (500 mA) interface
  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Note: Local administration rights are required during installation and licencing. User needs mandatory full rights in the pixel-fox® program directory and in the registry sector “Hkey_Current_User – Software – VB and VBA Program Settings”.

Image aquisition

The image processing software integrated in pixel-fox® comes from experienced imaging specialists and is based on very perfected algorithms that have been used and permanently optimised in a professional environment for more than 10 years.

Operation of the program and acquiring your images is done with the aid of a graphic user interface that is not only very clearly structured but can also be intuitively learnt very quickly.

Thanks to a large and fast live image you have optimal control over your work – the samples, work pieces or preparations under the camera are perfectly displayed on the PC monitor. An ideal prerequisite for setting all parameters with just a few motions and for making significant images!

All key settings can be implemented directly in the software, e.g.

  • exposure time (incl. automatic and permanent mode)
  • brightness / contrast
  • colour saturation / RGB / b/w switching
  • white balance (incl. automatic and permanent mode)
  • shading correction
  • mirroring (horizontal + vertical)
  • sharpen
  • centric selectable display window (field of view)
  • images can be stored as *.jpg, *.bmp and *.png

It is also possible to import existing image files into pixel-fox® (e.g. bmp, jpg, etc.)


A key element of the pixel-fox® software is the ability to easily measure (two-dimensional) images captured with the camera.

Once the system is calibrate with the stage micrometer provided, the user as the ability to  set the desired measuring unit and the decimal places.

Pixel-fox makes measuring tasks more efficient with tools such as the online measuring value preview, scale bars, annotation and digital zoom for precisely setting the measuring points!

Measuring functions include:

  • lines
  • radii
  • areas
  • angles
  • drop a perpendicular

Other functions included are:

  • scaleable scale bars
  • labelling (arrows and texts)
  • digital zoom
  • show crosshairs
  • settings for lines and labellings
  • ruler shown on edge of screen
  • online preview of measured value


All of the default settings (formulas, page numbers, master data) can be adapted for the desired report using the configuration file. Image with labelling saved in the pixel-fox format are fully editable at any time.

The software includes a comprehensive online help menu by pressing F1.