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Profile measurement of multiple parts

ByJuly 18, 2014Videos

Xpress utilises the power of high resolution field of view (FOV) measurement to provide high accuracy, 2D X/Y measurements of multiple parts; typical measurement routines are completed in seconds — all at the touch of a button.

Multiple parts? No problem. Simply place your parts ANYWHERE in the field of view. No need to align. No need to focus. Just press RUN.

Intelligent software eliminates the part alignment task and automatically locates, recognises and orientates the parts being measured.

Ultimate simplicity continues with clear Go, No Go tolerance results, with full reporting capabilities for further investigation, if required.

‘Field of view’ non-contact measurement technology is ideally suited for fast measurement of small flat flexible parts, such as gaskets, washers, plastic and rubber extrusions; other common applications include O-rings, circlips, pressed / stamped parts, cutting tools.

Please note: The measurements in this video occur in REAL TIME. There is no editing to speed up the measurements.