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What makes the Mantis so special?

ByMay 26, 2011Videos

Mantis has become the most recognised brand for low magnification viewers in the world.

The Mantis stereo inspection microscope is the premier choice for inspection, manipulation and rework tasks requiring magnification. To date, over 150,000 units have been installed worldwide.

Mantis differs from a regular eyepiece stereo microscope, but what makes Mantis so special?

Some of the best known companies in the world are regular users of Mantis. Customers value the superior ergonomics, and the unique patented optical technology, allowing users complete freedom of head movement, without the associated fatigue of using regular ‘eyepiece’ stereo microscopes.

By removing the conventional eyepieces of a microscope, Mantis allows users to be more comfortable, more accurate and maintain the highest possible standards for longer, increasing productivity, reducing errors and minimising waste.

Mantis is ideal for precision magnification applications, including electronics, precision engineering, plastics, ceramics, rubber, medical device, dental, aerospace, automotive, dental laboratory work, biomedical, horticultural, jewellery, art restoration, hair transplant, plus many more!

Because Mantis expands the exit pupil from the diameter of a traditional microscope of 3mm to 30mm a user can move his/her head and body both backwards and forwards and side to side to achieve a comfortable working position.