Lynx EVO being used by operator wearing goggles and mask

Our patented eyepiece-less microscopes can be used with safety glasses and masks, which aid in protecting staff without disrupting productivity.

As stay at home and lock-down restrictions are being lifted and employees return to work, companies face the challenge in keeping employees safe in the workplace without interrupting the inspection process and productivity.

When viewing a subject through a binocular microscope the user must position their eyes at a precise distance behind the eyepiece. This is known as eye-relief,  typically around 16mm. Any position greater than this will result in the operator losing field of view and distortion. This means the operator must position themselves where their eyes are in contact or very near contact with the eyepieces which presents a high risk of cross-contamination.

Vision Engineering’s eyepiece-less microscopes are different.

3mm exit pupil
Eyepiece Microscope

25mm exit pupil

35mm exit pupil
Lynx EVO

Our technology provides up to 10mm side-to-side and 70mm front to-back head freedom. Exit pupils between 25mm and 35mm make alignment with users eyes far easier. Eye-relief is extended up to 38mm which increases the space between the user and the microscope, leaving plenty leaving room for protective goggles and masks without affecting performance.

Employee safety is an immediate and future concern. Get ready!

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