The world's best companies know that superb image quality and a comfortable working position are not luxury features - they are the key to increased productivity and quality. So if you want to magnify, inspect and measure, in complete comfort, make the smart choice.

Vision Engineering manufactures amazing ergonomic stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems. We have designed and manufactured world leading stereo optical systems for over 50 years. Choosing our patented products provides you with unparalleled clarity and precision.

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Stereo Microscopes

Mantis eyepiece-less microscopes
Conventional stereo microscopes
Zoom microscopes
Microscopy solutions

Bench Magnifiers

Quality illuminated bench magnifiers
Heavy duty industrial LED magnifiers
Large diameter round lens magnifiers

Non-Contact measurement systems

Measuring microscopes
Video measuring systems
Metrology solutions

Digital Inspection

Digital video inspection systems
HD Digital microscopes
Handheld digital magnifiers

Metallurgical Microscopes

Routine laboratory microscopes
Metallurgical microscopes


Image capture and markup software
Online measurement software
Documentation and archiving software

Custom optics and assembly by Vision Engineering

Custom Optical Components

Vision Engineering’s custom optical components and coatings provide a highly competitive alternative to standard off-the-shelf components. Optical components and coatings tailor made for your application will give you a better product.

With short lead times and competitive pricing, Vision Engineering offers you an affordable custom alternative to standard "off-the- shelve" configurations.

Contract manufacturing and product design services by Vision Engineering

Contract Manufacturing Services

Ideas become reality... from product design and development to prototyping, full production and distribution.

Accessing the latest technology and facilities, our team of experienced designers and engineers are on hand for all stages of the manufacturing process. With over 50 years of opto-mechanical and electronics manufacturing expertise and with facilities in the UK and USA, you can trust us deliver!

Have a question about our products? Call us on +44 (0)1483 248300

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