Green Technology

Inspecting the surfaces and structures of the parts which go into green electrical systems can present real challenges. Aluminium profile cross-sections of photovoltaic or solar module mounting systems where there are often no clear edges of the profile visible, for example, can be particularly difficult to assess. And of course, there are all of the other circuit boards and components, any one of which could fail if defects are not caught in time. We can help.

Fast, accurate inspections of difficult subjects

A Vision Engineering manual optical system with eyepiece-less viewing technology offers the best solution for identifying uncertain or poor edges. Additionally, unwanted laser faults in the manufacturing process of the solar modules can be quantified quickly and easily.

See more with 3D imaging

Manufacturers of green technology products often rely on our Mantis microscopes. Their high quality 3D image makes it easy and more productive to inspect and work with tricky subjects made from a combination of materials such as plastic, ceramic or aluminium.

A versatile high-magnification solution

For higher magnification applications, Lynx EVO is used in the research and development area to investigate the fine surface layer of components, such as where thin film technology is used. Lynx EVO has several configurations and options, including an angled view model with illumination from above and below, a 360° rotating viewer which lets you see around the subject without moving it, a choice of still and video cameras, software for every application, and the advanced EVOTIS workstation for working with large subject.

Lynx Evo

Work better, for longer, with this award winning ergonomic stereo microscope.



EVO Cam II is a powerful, versatile, yet easy-to-use, high definition digital microscope.