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The Great Field of View Dilemma

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Vision… Isn’t the sense of sight fantastic? One could argue that the most effective way of understanding something is through seeing it. Sometimes no amount of reading or listening is…
Working distance soldering under a stereo microscope

Working Distance – A Simple Explanation

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What is working distance? In the world of stereo microscopy there is more than one definition of the term ‘working distance’. Some say it is the distance from the bottom…

The Anatomy of a Traditional Binocular Microscope

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A useful diagram outlining the components that make up a traditional stereo microscope.

Eyepiece-less technology helps to reduce work-related ill health

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Vision Engineering’s eyepiece-less technology helps to reduce work-related ill health in the manufacturing sector: The biggest cause of work-related ill-health in the manufacturing sector is musculoskeletal disorders. Our range of…

Improving high quality output of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

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In this article we consider ways of improving high quality output of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) for use in PCB Manufacturing   What are Multi-Layer Capacitors? Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC)…

Improving Productivity with Advanced Metrology Systems

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Since its beginnings at Toyota in the 1980’s Lean manufacturing, with its drive to improve operational efficiency, has become embedded into the culture of any successful manufacturer. The 5 Lean…

Eyepiece-less technology helps to maintain eye health

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Five ways that our eyepiece-less technology can help stereo microscope users maintain good eye health… Avoid the risk of eye infections Maximise ambient light to minimise eye fatigue Remove optical…
Traditional Stereo Microscope

Choosing a Stereo Microscope

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A stereo microscope is the preferred tool of choice for an extremely varied range of general and precision magnification tasks, typically in the 2x - 100x magnification range, but could…

Medical Devices Quality Control – 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Equipment

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Ensuring that components used in medical devices are fit for purpose and comply with strict industry regulations means quality control is a critical step in the manufacturing process.  To deliver…
DRV-Z1 showing the benefits of ergomics to operator

Look after your staff and it will pay dividends

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The path to success in the current business environment means competition and investment. Competing to get the best customers, the best suppliers and critically the best staff. The importance of…
Screen shot of M3 software showing field of view measurement

Field of View (FOV) measurement… a new way of measuring small flat parts

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Measuring within the field of view is an entirely new way to accurately measure small, flat components, providing unrivalled speed and simplicity compared to alternative methods such as profile projectors,…
Stereo microscope eyepiece SX45

How to correctly set-up and focus a stereo microscope

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Quickly and easily set-up and focus your stereo microscope. Turn on the illumination – adjust the light source so that it illuminates the subject. Set the dioptre setting(s) to zero.…
CamZ handheld digital inspection magnifier

CamZ digital magnifier vs. iPhone 4S camera

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Which takes better pictures? CamZ is a handheld digital magnifier, providing magnification options (up to 14x) and is in worldwide use for a wide range of tasks, from documenting faults…
Optical magnification of drill bit

Optical Metrology Spotlight…Size IS everything

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When we start looking for that all important measuring kit, it’s tempting to go for the all singing and all dancing metrology system, that can’t fail but to give the…
Falcon 3 axis video measuring system CNC

Spotlight on the Falcon 3-Axis Video Measuring Machine

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Measurement and inspection have become increasingly critical in the manufacturing process with pressure on increasing throughput and turnaround times. Smaller components with tighter tolerances means greater size to performance ratios,…
Lynx VS8 pcb stereo microscope inspection work station

The role of optical inspection in today’s demanding electronics industry

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Reliable automated systems for populating PCBs are a common sight on most of today’s assembly lines. With this in mind, to what extent are manual processes implemented into the production…