Working for the telecomms industry

Whether you want to perform rigorous inspections of telecomms connectors and PCB’s, or take accurate measurements of the smallest components, you can do it quickly and accurately with Vision Engineering’s unique range of microscopes.


Rigorous inspections

For visual inspection of items such as connectors, PCB’s, isolators, converters, and fibre optic bundles – from inbound to in-process and right through to final inspection – you’ll find a Mantis Compact or Mantis Elite stereo microscope makes life easier and more productive.

Less waste

From the use of de-burring applications through to visual inspection of pins in connectors, the fatigue-free viewing and superb image quality offered by Vision Engineering microscopes, have increased productivity and reduced scrap rates for telecom manufacturers around the world and throughout their supply chains.


Accurate dimensional measurements

When you’re working to the finest tolerances with components which are getting smaller and more complex with each new release, you’ll find life easier with a Hawk measuring microscope. With a range which includes solutions from a simple 2-axis optical measuring microscopes through to 3-axis video edge detection measuring systems, Hawk brings certainty to every part of the telecomms manufacturing process.

Batch inspection and tolerance conformance

Hawk is often used for examining mobile phone connectors: for the routine inspection and measurement of batch samples, or when checking for form tolerance if a problem is suspected.


Hawk Duo

High accuracy, automated video and optical measuring system



Eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscope offering exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging.