A great choice for dental clinics and laboratories

Because we know that even a fraction of a millimeter can make a difference to a patient’s bite, Vision Engineering has developed a range of easy to use 3D stereo microscopes which are ideal for inspecting and reworking crowns, bridges, implants and dentures, ensuring a precise fit as well as a natural appearance.


Inspection and checks in 3D

The 3D images presented by our Mantis and Lynx EVO eyepiece-less stereo microscopes make it much easier to inspect dies, patterns and castings for the correct fit, and porcelain for cracks, chips and other defects. The low distortion and accurate light representation offered by Mantis and Lynx EVO provide a realistic, three-dimensional image with true color for all-round accuracy.

Greater productivity in the laboratory

When you’re producing thousands of crowns, dentures, bridges and implants every year, it adds up to a lot of microscope time. Being able to work for extended periods without the aggravation of eyestrain or muscle cramps is just as important as the image that you’re viewing. If that sounds right to you, you need one of Vision Engineering’s eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscopes in your laboratory.


Long duration, detailed working

You need your technicians to be able to concentrate for long periods while models of dentures and other items are created. That’s why you need our ergonomically-designed microscopes with plenty of working space, 3D imaging and expanded-pupil technology for comfortable operation.

A solution for every dental laboratory

Whatever you need: bright and clear 3D images fatigue-free operation, easy positioning of the magnifier over the object, plenty of space between the lens and the subject, or superior hand-to-eye coordination, Mantis is a great addition to your laboratory equipment.


3D views for 3D surfaces

The surface finish of crowns, bridges and dentures is difficult to assess with a traditional, 2D top-down view offered by ordinary microscopes. But working with the 3D views offered by Mantis, which give you the ability to look around the subject, gives you more visual cues and a much better understanding of the surfaces.

The Vision DRV-Z1 even provides the ability to capture and share 3D images so the quality of the 3D subject can be seen by the lab and clinic at the same time before the item is shipped.


Post-cleaning checking of surgical tools is very important. Microbial residue is dangerous for patients and validation of cleaning routines requires that processes are suitably effective in cleaning tools. Visual checking of cleaned products with a microscope helps in the in the process of ensuring patient safety.



Tony Laurie, Dental Excellence Ltd

With each technician checking the work at each stage of the process we have both a high quality product in technology terms and a high quality product in aesthetic terms. The use of Mantis is an enabling technology and keeps all of my technicians happy. They know the difference between good and poor quality and using Mantis they can see the difference.


Eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscope offering exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging.



The incredible DRV-Z1 is the world’s first and only digital stereo inspection system.