Empowering Electronics Manufacturers

Whatever the task, whatever the environment – goods in, final inspection, component identification, electronics assembly, fault detection, documentation, and more – everything is faster and with Vision Engineering’s ergonomic microscopes.


Fast. Accurate. Comfortable.

A favorite in the automotive, aerospace, medical, mechatronics and telecommunication industries, our eyepiece-less stereo microscopes and high performance digital microscopes let you examine anything from the smallest SMT component to the largest printed circuit board (PCB) quickly, more accurately and in far greater comfort.

Goods in

Goods in and inbound quality control tasks are transformed with Vision Engineering’s ergonomic microscopes. Integrated circuits, ball grid arrays, dual flat no-lead, quad flat no-lead, unmounted components and bare PCBs can all be examined in moments.


Never miss a thing

Checking the quality of plating on PCB through holes or looking around and even under the leads (gull wings) of a Quad Flat Package (QFP) is made easier with the 360° viewer on Lynx EVO and EVO Cam II. The 34° degree oblique view, which rotates 360°, around the center, allows quick visual inspection around the sides of a through hole or around each lead. Inspecting for solder quality, bridging, pad lifting, and other hidden defects is possible without the need for difficult manipulations of the board.

Prototyping, hand assembly and rework

Hand assembly tasks benefit from an insight to the 3D nature of a subject – and the position of tools in that space – for easier hand-eye co-ordination and greater accuracy. The unique 3D views of Lynx EVO, DRV-Z1 and Mantis improve accuracy and reduce operator fatigue, improving productivity and throughput.


Production and quality control

Visual inspection of defects including misaligned, wrong or missing components, solder defects, poor wetting, pad lifting, and fillet tearing can be effortlessly achieved with our 2D camera-based and 3D stereo systems. 3D systems offer the additional benefit of revealing surface finish and textures which can indicate poor soldering quality and other defects. For the most critical PCBAs, 3D visual inspection using Vision Engineering’s EVOTIS is ideal. With the ability to hold PCBAs safely, its XY locking stage ensures each termination can be visually inspected thoroughly.

Finishing / Coating

Choose a Vision Engineering solution with UV illumination to reveal defects in coatings. Common coating defects such as contamination, thinning, over application and poor adhesion all become clear and easy to see.



Creating detailed reports, complete with images, measurements and annotations, is quick and easy with Vision Engineering’s powerful but intuitive software.


Ken Delderfield, Specialist Technologies Aerospace Group Quality Manager

Hawk is the ideal piece of metrology equipment for us. It is easy to use and flexible enough to gauge nearly all of our components. The reporting capability allows me to capture a data file for every component we measure, which is vital for component traceability.



EVO Cam II is a powerful, versatile, yet easy-to-use, high definition digital microscope.



Eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscope offering exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging.