Ergonomics. It’s just right.

‘Ergonomics’ is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. The term, which stems from the Greek words ergon (work or labour) and nomos (natural laws), expresses an ideal which informs everything that Vision Engineering designs and makes.

Our passion for improving operator efficiency through ergonomic design is what sets our technology apart from the competition. It’s a philosophy which enables superior accuracy, efficiency and productivity. And you can see it for yourself in our industry leading products, including Mantis, Lynx EVO and DRV-Z1.


Ergonomic working position

Good ergonomic design isn’t just nice to have, it makes good economic sense, too. Improving the ergonomic functionality of your microscopy equipment reduces the risk of poor efficiency, more errors and higher absenteeism.

Operator health and productivity

When viewing subjects under an ordinary binocular microscope, users need to maintain an uncomfortable static position. Over a period of time, this can lead to discomfort, which has a measurable impact on the efficiency and health of users. Eyestrain, muscle cramps and repetitive strain injuries are a risk when microscopes are used in this way.

Freedom of head movement

That’s why Vision Engineering pioneered eyepiece-less microscopes – an approach which allows operators to sit in a more relaxed and natural position, able to move their heads without immediately losing the image that they are studying.

Reduced risk of eyestrain

Conventional binocular microscopes send intense, narrow beams of light into the user’s eyes, forcing the pupils to constrict. This repeated constriction and subsequent dilation contributes to eyestrain. Because our ergonomic microscopes allow the operator to sit in a more upright position, with greater distance between the eye and the instrument, ambient light can enter the eye, mitigating the issue to provide a comfortable viewing experience which facilitates longer sessions and greater productivity.

The freedom to wear spectacles

Users who wear their spectacles can find using a traditional microscope problematic because it can affect the performance of the system and what the user actually sees. Also, changing setups between users can significantly affect efficiency, as the microscope is used to deliver eyesight correction, and this needs to be adjusted per user. With Vision Engineering’s ergonomic eyepiece-less microscopes wearing spectacles or safety glasses isn’t a problem, as any eyesight correction is performed by the glasses, not the microscope.

Easy hand-eye-co-ordination

Hand-eye co-ordination is always a challenge when using tools or when manipulating subjects under an ordinary microscope. Vision Engineering’s patented eyepiece-less technology let people sit further back from the instrument, allowing much greater peripheral vision, improving the ability to use hands and tools in a safer and more intuitive manner.