Packaging made simple

If you’re producing packaging made from hard-to-measure black or transparent plastics, even if it has complex shapes, a high resolution optical measuring microscope from Vision Engineering will help you overcome the problem of poor edge definition, giving you accurate, repeatable measurements every time.


Optical inspection of plastics and synthetic materials

Whether you’re inspecting your earliest packaging prototypes, the fully finished product or something in between, you’ll find the right solution at Vision Engineering. The Mantis Elite, for example, offers a huge working distance with class-leading ergonomics for enhanced productivity. Lynx EVO provides stunning high resolution 3D images to give you a deeper understanding of whatever you’re looking at.

Optical and video  measurement system in one

With Swift PRO Duo it is easy to measure difficult subjects such as PET preforms and blister packs. Not only is it easy to switch from optical to video measurement, but it comes with our M-Series software with pinch to zoom and swipe control which will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a phone or tablet device.



Eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscope offering exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging.


Swift PRO

Swift PRO takes the work out of measuring precision-engineered components and reporting the results.