TriTeQ3 for natural digital 3D viewing, capture and sharing

TriTeQ³ is Vision Engineering’s unique, patented technology which takes digital 3D viewing to an entirely new level. For the first time in digital microscopy, it allows the operator to view digital images stereoscopically in high definition with natural depth perception.

The power of TriTeQ3

The enabling technology for our ergonomic DRV-Z1 Deep Reality Viewer, TriTeQ³ projects two full HDMI video streams (each 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames per second) to each eye generating a 4 million pixel image. We call it ‘full stereo HD’, and you’ll be amazed by the fidelity.

A natural 3D experience

With ergonomics at the heart of the design, the operator can sit comfortably for long periods and benefit from an extraordinarily detailed image quality with a natural perception of depth, a distinct advantage when hand-eye coordination is needed for assembly and re-working tasks. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether you wear prescription eyewear or not – you’ll still experience the incredible image quality and depth perception while wearing your glasses.

A new breed of 3D for distributed teams

Unique to the TriTeQ3 technology is the ability to share live stereo imaging with colleagues across desks, offices and continents. Components under inspection in one location can be viewed simultaneously in another by connecting the video streams from one DRV to another over a network. This unique ability enables a new, more collaborative way of working for todays distributed teams who don’t want to waste time and effort unnecessarily travelling making it invaluable for working on time-sensitive, multi-discipline development projects.