Improving Hair Transplants

Our family of Mantis dissecting stereo microscopes is used by hair restoration experts to make hair transplants quicker, easier and more efficient. Whether the elected procedure is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) these ergonomic 3D stereo microscopes are used by leading hair clinics for the efficient selection and preparation of follicular unit grafts.

Stress-free follicular unit dissection

An ideal choice for a hair follicle dissection microscope, Mantis lets the clinician dissect, inspect and prepare hair follicles for transplant for extended periods without the muscle tension, cramps and discomfort caused by hunching over traditional microscopes. The natural viewing posture and superb 3D imaging offered by Mantis makes the entire hair transplant procedure more productive, with less waste, benefiting the hair transplant surgeon, nurse and patient.

Which Mantis is best for hair clinics?

The Mantis Compact Universal with x4 objective and Mantis Elite Universal with x6 objective are great choices for hair clinics, because the nurses can work efficiently and for longer periods, with less fatigue and in greater comfort. The long working distances, large field of view and relaxed viewing posture give you the maximum yield of hair follicles for hair transplant in the shortest time.


Fast documentation and effective training

A variant of Mantis Elite, our Mantis Elite Cam-HD includes an integrated digital camera. Used to capture and document the training process, it helps the hair surgeon to illustrate the differences between suitable and unsuitable samples, and to demonstrate techniques for the selection and preparation of hair follicles.


Dr Michael May, Wimpole Clinic

The ease of using a Mantis has certainly improved our working conditions and helped us provide our patients with a more efficient service.


Eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscope offering exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging.