Measure any shape in an instant

If you need to measure parts and components quickly and in large numbers – regardless of their shape – you need a TVM20 or TVM35 digital measuring microscope. All the operator has to do is place the subject on the stage for rapid measurements. TVM is ideal for taking 2D measurements of multiple subjects, when fast throughput and ease of use are essential requirements, and a great choice for a shop floor non-contact measurement system.

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Large field of view for fast throughput

Thanks to TVM’s large 35mm field of view you can measure a wider range of samples in an instant. What’s more, a large depth of field means focus is maintained. You don’t have to waste time with fussy positioning or fixing: just place it, measure it, and move on to the next subject.

Measure larger objects with a motorised stage

TVM-Series can be equipped with a motorised stage that makes it easy to measure objects which don’t fit into the field of view, offering much faster measurement than old style profile projectors.



field of view (FOV)



200 mm x 100 mm

CNC measuring stage

Sharp, flat image for improved edge detection

TVM video measuring systems use flat field telecentric optics and illumination to create a sharp image of the component on their HD monitor.  The completely flat image across the full field of view, without any curvature or distortion, enables superior video edge detection capability for the accurate measurement and inspection of components.


Exceptional ease of use

Everything about TVM is designed for ease of use. With minimal training and simple ‘place and measure’ functionality, measurements are instant and precise, and operator errors are eliminated.  A large HD monitor displays a clear video image of the subject, and the richly-featured software gives you ‘Go/No Go’ simplicity with full geometric tolerancing, and reporting capabilities.


FOV Mode 18 mm x 14 mm (20 mm diagonal) 28 mm x 21 mm (35mm diagonal)
With moving stage 200 mm x 100 mm (8″ x 4″)
Max component height
100 mm (4″)
No distortion telecentric lens
5MP colour CMOS
Dimensions (W x D x H)
FOV Mode 275 mm x 375 mm x 605 mm
With moving stage 515 mm x 480 mm x 605 mm
FOV Mode 3 μm 4 μm
With moving stage 5 + (9.54L/1000) μm 7 + (9.54L/1000) μm
Surface (Reflected) illumination
Programmable LED ring light with 4 sectors
Substage (Transmitted) illumination
Collimated LED illumination
CNC Control option
TVM20 Yes
TVM35 Yes

TVM Series

Measure any shape in an instant

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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find some of the most common questions.

Can I use a digital measuring microscope to check for defects on the surface too?2020-06-19T10:30:14+00:00
Our TVM systems are equipped with a 5MP camera and a telecentric lens that provide a sharp, distortion-free image. Therefore, in addition to measuring and checking if your parts are within tolerance, you can also use the TVM to identify defects on the surface of the components.
Can you measure small features with TVM systems?2020-06-19T10:29:44+00:00
Yes. The telecentric lenses fitted to our TVM35 and TVM20 systems are designed to provide large FOV and depth of field so that more of the component can be displayed in focus. Usually these systems offer lower magnification than standard measuring microscopes. However the high resolution of the images produced by TVM allow really small features to be measured accurately too
How does TVM reduce measurement time?2020-06-19T10:30:25+00:00
The large field of view (FOV) of TVM allows more features to be measured instantly even if the part you are measuring is larger than the field of view. Therefore you do not need to move the measurement stage as much as you would on a standard manual measuring microscope. If your component fits within the FOV (35mm diagonally) the measurement is instant.
I have to measure turned parts, but I get shadows in the image on my profile projector. Can you help?2020-06-19T10:29:39+00:00
The combination of telecentric optics and collimated back light of TVM measuring systems eliminate “wall effect” and can display a very sharp image of turned parts. Turned, flat or square parts can all be measured on the TVM.
I want to see the whole component on the screen, but it is larger than the 35mm FOV. How can I do this on the TVM?2020-06-19T10:30:03+00:00
You can use the “stitching” function available in our software to take multiple images of the component and sticth them together to create a super-image on the screen. The super image can be used for instant measurement or for reporting purposes.

For more frequently asked questions please visit the our support page.

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