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Stunning 3D stereo imaging with NEW Lynx EVO ergonomic stereo microscope

By July 3, 2015Videos

Lynx EVO is a high productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope with unrivalled ergonomics and advanced optics for fast and accurate inspection (up to 120x magnification) for a wide range of applications.

This introduction video highlights why microscope ergonomics is so important to the overall productivity of your business.

Using patented Lynx Dynascope® optical technology, Lynx EVO is the latest generation of eyepiece-less stereo microscopes from Vision Engineering.

Lynx EVO builds on the reputation of the original Lynx microscopes, trusted by the World’s leading companies.

  • Stunning 3D stereo imaging in complete comfort
  • Modular design for flexible solutions
  • Integrated HD image capture options
  • Software for documentation and on-screen dimensional measurement
  • 360 rotating viewer for enhanced observations

Vision Engineering are manufacturers of world leading ergonomic microscopes and measuring microscopes.