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Versatile materials inspection microscope for both beginners and experienced engineers

ByDecember 4, 2014News
December 4, 2014

Whether it’s inspection of alloys, plastics, ceramics or other materials, the TIM5 routine inspection microscope allows both beginners and advanced users to achieve detailed analysis of a wide range of material subjects.

Vision Engineering has introduced TIM5 to provide an uncomplicated high quality solution for inspecting surface details of materials.  Whether you need to view surface structures, ceramic porosity, or material cross-section, TIM5 comes equipped with all the ‘features’ necessary for ’routine requirements’.

TIM5 is a materials and metallurgical inspection microscope with a range of illumination options including bright-field, dark-field and polarised light – designed to be modular so it can be optimized for its user’s application requirements.

Incident and transmitted illumination options with aperture diaphragm provide greater versatility, allowing a greater range of components to be inspected (e.g. translucent or more opaque characteristics).

EPI infinity plan achromat objective lenses up to 1,000x, along with digital image capture through a C-mount adapter, means you can see an excellent image and capture a great digital image for detailed reporting and profiling samples. Versatile – user friendly – with great optics.