Imaging and Measurement Software and Digital Readouts

A wide range of software solutions are available to accompany your Vision Engineering product, all designed with ease of use in mind.

Microscope imaging software adds image capture, documentation, or on-screen measurement capability to your stereo microscope camera, or imaging system.

A full suite of dimensional and geometric measurement software complements Vision Engineering’s range of measurement and inspection systems, combining power with simplicity.

Experienced technical staff are on-hand to provide advice and support in choosing the inspection and metrology software which best fits your requirements.

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Video Measuring Software
  • Multi-touch software control
  • Auto record programming, always ready to run
Optical Measuring Software
  • Optical measurement ideal for low contrast subjects
  • PC-based metrology software for manual stages
  • Intuitive interface with uncluttered easy navigation
Video Measuring Software
  • Active video crosshair for automatic capture of data points
  • Intuitive interface with uncluttered easy navigation
  • PC-based metrology software for manual stages
Microscope Imaging and Measurement Software
  • Easy-to-use image capture
  • Image mark-up and annotation
  • On-screen measurement tools (dimensioning)
IK 5300
Advanced metrology software
  • Leading metrology software for manual or automated CNC systems
  • Fitting to DXF files and statistical process control (SPC)
ND 122
Entry-level 2D Geometric Digital Readout
  • Entry-level digital readouts for 2D geometries
  • Robust out casting and splash proof keyboard
  • User interface ensures operator accuracy and reduces training time
ND 1200
Quick Accurate 2D Geometric Digital Readout
  • Quick accurate 2D metrology digital readout
  • Features recognition and part programming helps increase throughput
  • User interface ensures operator accuracy and reduces training time
Image capture, measurement and analysis software
  • Easy acquisition and measurement software
  • On-screen measurement of lines, circles, areas, angles
Microscope camera and software package
  • Cost-effective, versatile solution for a variety of microscopy imaging applications
  • Fast USB3.0 interface
  • High quality image resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels

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