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Our webinars cover a range of valuable industry insights and best practices designed to help your application and professional knowledge.

For your convenience - attending our webinars allow you to learn about valuable solutions, ask questions and gain feedback without the need to leave your workplace.

Enjoy free convenient webinars lead by expert presenters right at your desk.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a live event - the same as a seminar, but over the internet, so there is no need to physically leave your location to attend. To attend you just need a computer or suitable device with a compatible browser, plus a phone or earphones/headset for the audio... and an internet connection, as well as the sign-in details from the webinar organiser.

Access our recorded webinars

Recording of all our webinars are available to watch again by those registered to attend.

Watch past webinars:

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FREE Electronics Academy Webinar Series

An in-depth look at the issues affecting PCB/SMT assembly and the challenges of achieving Zero Defect Manufacture.

  • Learn from the experts
  • Quick way to update your skills
  • Identify common causes of failure
  • Your questions answered

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