3D stereoscopic GIS display

Designed with the needs of GIS Professionals in mind, CONTOUR delivers bright, consistent, stereoscopic HD images in an easy-to-use, comfortable system.

  • Glasses-free 3D FHD display
  • Compatible with most stereo supporting GIS software
  • Remote viewing of stereo 3D images in real-time
CONTOUR 3D Geo / GIS display


NEW innovative stereoscopic full high definition display – the glasses-free 3D FHD stereoscopic display in the geospatial imaging and related photogrammetry sectors.

CONTOUR next generation display technology delivers a unique high quality combination of image clarity, brightness, consistency, ease of use and operator comfort.

CONTOUR’S 3D full high definition (3D FHD) image is presented onto a precision mirror, which delivers crisp stereo imagery. Simply set up and go. CONTOUR delivers 4 million pixels, with exceptional clarity, depth perception, brightness and contrast, to ensure your image is pin sharp across the entire field of view, from the moment you switch on.

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The new 2020 standard for 3D stereoscopic displays


Designed with the needs of GIS Professionals in mind, CONTOUR delivers bright, consistent, stereoscopic HD images in an easy-to-use, comfortable system.

GIS professionals work intensively and for long periods.

Intensive GIS analysis can be stressful on the body and the eyes. At the same time, GIS professionals must be able to interpret images from many sources of varying quality. Using new, patented digital technology, CONTOUR optimises image quality, depth and ergonomics.

Looking into Contour 3D display


Mapping analysis
GIS data interpretation
Geospatial intelligence
Utility /Telecom asset management
Military situational awareness and planning
Civil Engineering
Meteorological interpretation
Oil and gas
Disaster Planning
Urban planning visualization applications
Flood Modelling


No in-use maintenance or adjustment is necessary as the 3D FHD image is presented without any need for screen re-alignment during operation. CONTOUR requires minimal setup, so little training is required and full user benefits are achieved quickly.

Unique, globally patented, TriTeQ3 technology ensures the image is always delivered precisely, consistently and accurately, with no flickering, ghosting or cross-talk; latency is gone. Bright, consistent, glasses-free 3D FHD clarity is the new normal.

The high resolution stereo images can be communicated to other CONTOUR workstations, in real time, within sites or across multiple locations, nationally and internationally.

CONTOUR can communicate high resolution stereo images to third party colleagues and specialist analysts across multiple locations,nationally and internationally, in real time.


Designed-in ‘user-centric’ ergonomics deliver a comfortable working position. Peripheral vision and ambient awareness is preserved, making adjacent 2D screen mapping possible with reduced eye fatigue.

The display image is delivered at an ergonomically optimised angle to support good posture, maximising operator comfort while reducing back and neck strain.

CONTOUR 3D GIS display optics


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Display head
Resolution 1920 x 1080 per channel
Image Size on concave mirror 400 x 225 mm in 16:9 aspect ratio
Power supply 100 – 240vac 50 / 60Hz
2 x HDMI (Left and Right) 1920 x 1080 @ ≤ 60Hz
Image Capture USB2
Video Capture HDMI cable to an external video capture card
Connection to external mono monitor HDMI 1920 x 1080
Connection to second or multiple units 2 x HDMI daisy chain / Wi-fi connection*
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Stand Counterbalanced stand with 150 mm vertical travel.
Supported Formats
  • Quad buffered Stereo OpenGL/Direct X Applications
  • Side-by-side Stereo Applications
Graphic Card Requirements
  • For Quad Buffered Stereo Applications: Quad Buffered Stereo capable graphic card (e.g. NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePRO / RadeonPRO)
  • For Side-by-side Stereo Applications: graphic card with capability to support at least 2 displays with HDMI input
      Note: Users of NVIDIA cards should ensure that their drivers still support stereo output.


Contour dimensions from back


(Compatible software examples)

  • 3DFlow: 3DF ZEPHYR
  • Agisoft: Agisoft Metashape
  • Agisoft: Agisoft Viewer
  • BAE Systems: SOCET GXP v4.5
  • Bentley: ContextCapture
  • Cardinal Systems: VrTwo
  • Cardinal Systems: VrThree (VrLiDAR)
  • DAT/ EM Systems: Summit Evolution
  • Datamine: MapInfo Pro Discover 3D
  • ESRI: ArcGIS Pro Image Analyst
  • ESPA Systems Oy: ESPA 3D
  • FARO: Scene
  • Hexagon Geospatial: ERDAS IMAGINE
  • MicroImages: TNTmips
  • Racurs: Photomod
  • SuperMap: iDesktop 10i
  • TerraSolid: TerraStereo
  • Trimble: Inpho
  • Zoller + Fröhlich: LaserControl
  • plus more…..

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What is the resolution of Contour?

CONTOUR is a unique display system which cannot be categorised in the same way as a monitor. The image of Contour is made up of two full HD channels optically combined on the mirror, thus doubling the line resolution viewed by the user. We refer to the resolution as “full stereo HD”.

How does the system differ from “3D” monitors already on the market?

CONTOUR uses a unique, glasses-free, technology that delivers two high resolution channels to the left and right eye giving crisp imagery with a natural perception of depth.

Do I need training before using CONTOUR?

No. CONTOUR intuitive controls makes it easy to use from the start. A comprehensive user manual is provide with the system.

Does it take long to install?

No, just 10 minutes to assemble.

Can it indicate the height of subjects viewed?

Yes, through the manual image alignment.