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Look after your staff and it will pay dividends

ByMay 9, 2019Articles

The path to success in the current business environment means competition and investment. Competing to get the best customers, the best suppliers and critically the best staff. The importance of securing and retaining the best staff can be vital. Staff often represent the largest ongoing investment on a company’s balance sheet and are often the only asset that can choose to walk out of the door.

So, how to get the most out of the staff without risking driving them away? The answer, ‘Look after them’.

DRV-Z1 showing the benefits of ergomics to operator

In the world of industrial inspection this starts with ergonomics. Studies show that staff who work regularly with magnification systems, like traditional microscopes, suffer neck pain, eye strain, headaches and back pain. They also are more prone to eye infection and musculoskeletal disorders and have increased levels of absenteeism.

Benefits for industrial inspection

Studies also show that ergonomic systems can help;

  • Improve operator productivity
  • Improve operator yield
  • Improve product quality
  • Reduce operator absenteeism
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Reduce risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders

With the cost of employing and training staff being high it makes sense to protect that investment. DRV-Z1 ergonomics will not only increase productivity and quality but help reduce the unnecessary costs of employing and training new staff.

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Operator carrying out inspection with the ergonomic DRV-Z1

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